Health and Dental Insurance

For those expenses not covered by government health insurance, it is important to protect you and your family against financial loss. Not everyone has coverage thru their employers, and for those who do not we can shop the market for a plan to cover your specific needs – whether it be drugs, dental or perhaps catastrophic coverage.
Health and Dental Insurance has gone through a number of changes in the last few years and it can be hard to keep up with how policies evolve and how the market fluctuates. Some of these changes have been beneficial for all involved while others shift resources to areas that require individuals to make adjustments to secure their quality of life. Horseshoe Insurance And Financial Services Limited is here to help make sure you can keep living the life you want.
If you are turning 65 years of age and looking for a Health plan, Horseshoe Insurance experts provide access to the carriers you need in order to make an informed decision from every available Health option. We offer trustworthy guidance and solid expertise that seniors can benefit from when making one of the most important decisions regarding their healthcare coverage.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" while there is some truth to this old saying being in need of medical care often leads to a person becoming financially weak. This is why health insurance exists. To help those individuals who plan ahead to keep their financial situation in tact in the event of a health issue. The cost of seeing a doctor or being hospitalized is always increasing, leading many to debts that they are not able to afford.
Regardless of your age, present physical health, or any existing health coverage you may already have, choosing the right health insurance options that fit your particular needs, as well as your budget, requires the skill and experience of an insurance expert to ensure that you and your loved ones are fully protected. Horseshoe Insurance offers a full range of affordable health plans and works closely with individuals and families to find the most suitable coverage options.

Affordable Health Insurance Plans Designed Just For You

Ideally, your health coverage should reflect the changes at each life stage. Horseshoe Insurance And Financial Services Limited offers a range of health plans that can be tailored to your individual situation.
Choose from:

Individual medical coverage designed for those who do not have any health insurance with their employer.

Medicare supplemental insurance gives seniors extra coverage to help with medical expenses that are not covered by Medicare.

Supplemental health insurance provides you with a fixed benefit amount for unexpected expenses in addition to the primary health coverage you already have.

Primary medical insurance coverage is designed for people who don't have this type of coverage through their employer or another group.